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1.35 billion monthly active Facebook™ users, of which 864 million people log onto Facebook™ daily!

Facebook™ is the worlds leading social network platform. It has over 1.35 billion active users and it is growing every day.It has the highest amount of traffic of any social media site, currently with over 36 million active users in the UK alone.
Facebook™ advertising represents a smart approach to reach your audience precisely that is focused to your marketor to reach a wider demographic of users. Facebook™ fuelling £4bn Online Advertising Boom.
In a recent published report by the International Advertising Bureau, more than £4bn was spent on online advertising last year. The boom in social networking on sites such as Facebook™ and Twitter™, combined with greater use of mobiles to view web pages, fuelled the spending.
The I.A.B.’s findings continue to state Britons spend 25 per cent of their total time online on social networks. Consumer goods makers, finance providers and entertainment companies are the top three categories of advertisers.
The Advertising Association stated. ‘There is one clear attraction which is boosting online spending: it’s targeted, it makes it easier for brands to work out who they’re advertising to’.

We can advertise your business and reach your exact audience by using location and other specific social data

We will target your Facebook™ adverts up to a 50 mile radius, or you can choose your advert to be shown Locally, Nationally or even Globally. Your dedicated Account Manager will help you determine the best package that meets your marketing spend and ensuring your business is shown to your target audience.
Facebook™ has in excess of 1.35 billion active profiles. Typically, the average Facebook™ user logs in twice daily. This represents a unique opportunity for your business to reach a target audience that matches the demographic for your business, at least twice a day, everyday.
We have a range of Facebook™ advertising packages designed to maximise this opportunity. From as little as £139, your business could be positioned in front of your chosen market. Get Found First Conultants Specialists are ready to help your business become a part of the Social Media Revolution and help your business grow.